Faith and Fly Fishing

One cannot help but feel something stirring in their soul when on a river fishing

It is natural to be keyed in to all the beautiful things in nature happening around us, the bubbling water flowing, birds singing, our repetitious movement in casting and gorgeous colors of the fish we catch.

"You can see the works of god in every fish you catch and if you look hard enough it will bring you closer to him."

I feel that there is something more going on around us. Whether you believe it’s the universe or God there has to be something that created it. There is no better evidence than when sitting on the bank, tying on a different fly that is sure to get the job done and the peace that can be felt in the moment. 

The peace isn’t always there for me I’d admit. I have had a horrible childhood as y’all know (in a previous post) and tragic things happen to me in my adult life, but through it all I just know God’s hand was on me. Even the bad times and hard lessons served their purpose. I learned in those trials; I became wiser and have empathy for others that are in a struggle. 

"I am reminded during my foggy morning trips on the water that God is there."

I am reminded during my foggy morning trips on the water that God is there. Just like I cannot see the trout in the water through the fog, I still know they are there. I pray that this is a simple reminder and example of His presence. Please know that you are not alone.

One of my favorite scriptures I cling to is Hebrews 11:1 NLT it reads, Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. Look around the next time you are on the water and just be still in his presence. You will know he is there for you and sometimes that's all we need.


Tight lines and good vibes y’all.

Rebecca Lentz



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  • Amen, sister. Inspiring! Thank you for sharing this and for being so transparent in your hard but redeeming life journey. I also love seeing through your eyes on Instagram and Facebook the fishing and beautiful sights in your part of the country. You are a beacon of light to many! My wife Alana and I here in Madison, AL are praying for you in your upcoming marriage and for your life together. Best wishes, always!

    Dave Acker on
  • Spectacular!!
    Nature allows us to know that God is All Around us!!

    Steve on

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