Wet Wading

Wet wading, summer and dry fly-fishing go hand in hand for most fly fisherman. 

It is the best way to get your family, friends, or partner in life addicted to the sport of fly fishing. It makes getting into fly fishing a breeze because you do not need a ton of gear to get started.  Fly fishing tends to get so gear heavy after you buy two or different weights of rods, waders, reels, buy or tie your own flies, landing net, wade boots... I could go on and on.

I won’t, let’s keep it simple. Here’s my go to list for wet wading, feel free to improvise!

Number one is wade boots!

"I like my phalanges the way they are, the same with my ankles and wade boots provide that protection and stability when walking on greased up bowling balls-"

I like my phalanges the way they are, the same with my ankles and wade boots provide that protection and stability when walking on greased up bowling balls (the mossy river bed.) How are those rocks so dang slick?! Speaking of rocks, you’ll want to have neoprene gravel guard socks on too. Yes, your feet still get wet, but you won’t have a sandbox inside your socks. Paired together I say these are my must haves of wet wading, but then again, I have plenty of friends that throw on sandals and go with it.

Number two is wet wading attire. Let’s not overthink this, it varies from person to person so let’s talk about what my fiancé and I wear.  I stick to leggings, sun hoodie and my trusty floppy hat. I use my gym leggings, nothing fancy at all and they are comfortable. My fiancé, Joshua wears his favorite board shorts, sun hoodie and go to lucky fishing hat which he finds comfortable too. Comfort is a big deal too especially when hiking is involved to get to an alpine lake or that epic honey hole on the river.

"It allows you the mobility to travel, not trudge, and sweat with waders on to that sweet spot." 

It allows you the mobility to travel, not trudge and sweat with waders on to that sweet spot. Then you can effortlessly cast at that perfect angle to hook the big one to prevent that skunk we all hate.

Now if you want to add some extras that would make you the Inspector gadget of the water, I’d say a wade belt, sling pack, or polarized sunglasses. These two things enhance my overall experience and lowers my frustrations on the water.  I was NOT a believer in polarized sunnies for so long because that $$$ is better used on beers and flies. I had to see what the hype was about and opted for a “cheap” pair.  Y’all! Polarized sunglasses helped me so much because I was no longer blind casting for trout, I could spot them flash and cast more effectively.  A wade belt or sling pack is a nice extra because I can carry my sunblock, tripod, snacks, nippers, tippet, flies, flask, tp and other things I think I need if I’m all day on the river. Oh, and keeps me from tethering my net. I get to slide my net down my back like some fly-fishing ninja. That in itself gives me dope vibes and now that I can guarantee.

Let’s get back to wet wading and why it’s a minimalist and easy way to fly fish. What I love most about wet wading is how close I am with nature and what is happening around me.

"The river whooshing through my legs, birds singing, cicadas (it’s okay no one can pronounce that word, kind of like Worcestershire sauce) sounding off, along the repetitive motion of casting gives me that intimate time I need to reset myself and align my mindset."

I hope this encourages y’all to get out during the warmer weather and enjoy the ease of wet wading. Comment below if you have tried wet wading or what your thoughts are on it.


Tight lines and good vibes y’all!


Rebecca Lentz



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  • Agree with you about the simplicity of wet wading & how much fun it is,I would add a folding wading staff & water bottle holder for me the best wading boots are Korkers which have a interchangeable soul system,check them out,a little spendy but worth it

    David Swart on

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