Wraps are not only at Taco Bell.

Rod wraps. Say it five times fast........

Rod wraps. Say it five times fast. No, seriously... I will wait. I bet you can’t! It’s a new tongue twister so go ahead and pass it along to your kids, friends and family.  Saying rod wraps five times fast may be complicated but the wrap itself isn’t.


Not only is it a colorful fun accessory to have on your flyrod, it is functional! The rod wrap provides a better grip when you are holding your rod at the famous statue of liberty pose while stripping line in with hopes your PB fish doesn’t break lose.

"Now I can’t guarantee that you won’t lose that PB, but I can guarantee that you’ll love the designs and comfort of the rod wrap."

It doesn’t matter if you have big mitts or dainty fingers like myself, the rod wraps help us all fly fish better in style and functionality.  Having small hands, myself, I like having more cushion to hold onto.  Now as for the bigger hands, they can enjoy the space it takes up so you are not overlapping your fingers as if your fly rod handle was as skinny as a toothpick.

The fun doesn’t stop with rod wraps, there is also a parking brake wrap! Now you can get the most of your driving as you Tokyo drift into that sweet public access spot on the river before the herds come in. But let’s not keep it square, I use my rod wraps for much more than it was intended. 

"I use my rod wraps for much more than it was intended."

You can use your rod wrap as a toothbrush holder, mascara case, fork cooler off-er, hair brush tamer and more!


I can’t see what other fun uses y’all come up with or if you decided to keep it a classic Rod wrap rod wrap, please share a pic below!


Tight lines and good vibes y’all!

Rebecca Lentz


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